About Us

Integrity Arms was started in 2008 with one goal: Get our customers quality products, at reasonable prices and in a timely manner, while providing exceptional support and customer service.

We provide top quality AR-15 & AR-10 parts and accessories, as well as complete custom builds, custom upper receivers, and a large selection of AR-15/AR-10 barrels. Our inventory is live and active, which means you will always know how much of a given product is in stock when ordering.

We are shooters first and foremost. We stock what we sell and know the gear we put on our site.

The name ‘Integrity’ holds a special meaning here. As the Owner and Marine Corps Veteran who served honorably, it is more than just a word to me. It is a reminder of the standard we must uphold, and that there is nothing that is worth compromising your character. It keeps us honest at all times, even when it is not convenient. Integrity means doing the right thing for the right reasons, even when nobody is watching.