Custom Cerakote Finishing


AR-15’s, AK-47’s, etc

Single color:

$175 for a complete rifle, if already taken apart.

$200 for a complete rifle, if we have to disassemble/reassemble.

$135 for a stripped upper,lower and handguard.

$50 for individual upper, lower or hand guard

$50 for Small Parts (bolt & mag catch, trigger, td pins, castle nut, port door, etc)

For hunting style rifles and shotguns:

$145 for the complete rifle, if already taken apart

$170 for the complete rifle, if we do the disassemble/reassemble.

$120 for just the stripped barrel and receiver (can be left together)

Patterns (up to 3 colors)

$70 Per Piece

Pattern Up To 3 Colors, Upper, Lower & Hand Guard – $200


For handguns:

$125 for the pistol slide & frame if already taken apart

$140 for the entire pistol if we do the disassemble/reassemble

The exception here is XDs. I can’t find a sight pusher that won’t break with XD sights. I’ve broken 3 of them. So either I have to cut them out and the customer buys and aftermarket replacement, or if you can take them out and put them back in, that’ll work too.

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