Firearms Training/Armorers Classes


We offer training in several areas. The following is a list of some of what we offer.

  • NRA Basic Pistol – This is a basic pistol class designed for new shooters who want to get familiar with handguns. We cover basic operation, weapons safety and live fire. The focus is on taking the apprehension or nervousness out of shooting. This is a great class to learn the basics in a pressure free environment. Classes cost $100 and are small enough to focus on the individual. A pistol and ammunition (approx 100 rounds) are required, although rentals can be arranged
  • Basic Rifle, AR-15 – This is a great class for new shooters, as well as those comfortable with shooting. We cover basic safety as well as minute of angle and precision shooting with iron sights (yes it’s possible). The AR-15 is an extremely capable rifle if used correctly. An AR rifle and ammunition (approx 200 rounds) are required, although rentals can be arranged
  • AR-15 Armorers Course – This is a 2 day course covering the entire AR-15 rifle. Subjects covered will include history, function/operation, materials, troubleshooting, accessorizing/modifications etc. You will disassemble and assemble the rifle completely. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course. Students are encouraged to bring their own rifles, although rentals can be arranged. This is a 2-day course with no live fire. The cost is $325 and requires a deposit of 50%.

Please call to sign up or be put on the waiting list. 678-883-AR15


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