16in ‘Vindicta’ Barrel – Integrity Arms Match 5R, Wylde (.223/5.56)




VINDICTA: Latin for Liberation. Also means vengeance or defense. One thing is sure, you’ll feel liberated once you shoot this barrel as you push yourself to the limits of your capability.

*Adding a pinned low pro gas block gives the shooter the ultimate in worry free operation. Should the gas block screws work themselves loose during heavy use, the pinned gas block will keep you in the fight indefinitely. Adding this option here saves BIG.

Sub-MOA guaranteed, these new barrels quite possibly bring the best of features and options for an extremely competitive price. The term ‘match grade’ is used rather loosely in the gun industry, but this barrel stands apart and will definitely impress even the best shooters. Pay attention to the options and you’ll see why this stands apart.

Melonite treated inside and out, locking in the bore and providing extreme durability. 

The Wylde Chamber was designed to be a match grade/more accurate chamber for the .223 cartridge, while still allowing safe operation with 5.56 NATO ammo

The barrel extension is NP3 coated for extreme lubricity even when dry. Dirt and residue won’t cling to the NP3 and will wipe off very easily.

The polished crown allows the bullet to leave uniformly and evenly, giving it a nearly perfect flight path

The 5R rifling reduces sharp angles, gives less bullet drag and deformation. Slightly faster velocity and ease of cleaning are also a benefit

Ordnance Grade 416R Stainless Steel (HRC 28/32) ensures seamless machining for a near perfect bore

Individual Magnetic Particle Inspections on each barrel assures zero defects in material or workmanship

Simply put, this barrel is feature packed at a price point that is very reasonable compared to other match grade barrels. Give one a try and we are sure you will be impressed, or return it for a no questions asked refund within 30 days. Our contract shop for these is ISO:9001 and AS:9100 certified as well a current DOD contractor with years of experience in several industries. Melonite is more durable than Chrome, and can be machined correctly since there is no added layer.


  • 16″ Barrel
  • Mid-Length Gas
  • SOCOM/Medium Contour
  • 2lb 2oz Weight
  • Ordnance Grade 416R Stainless Steel
  • Melonite (QPQ) Treated
  • Wylde Chamber (.223 or 5.56)
  • M4/Extended Feed Ramps
  • .750 Gas Block Area
  • .80″ Under the Handguards
  • 1/2×28 Thread Pitch
  • Fully Stress Relieved
  • Magnetic Particle Inspected
  • 1-8 Twist Rate
  • 5R Right Hand Rifling
  • 1 moa Guarantee (see faq)

Purchase any bolt with this barrel and we will verify headspace


Additional information

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Barrel Only, Add Discounted Pinned Low Pro Gas Block


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