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Lothar-Walther 16in .223 Wylde Match Grade Barrel – LiFe HD®, NiB Extension

(6 customer reviews)

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Direct from Lothar-Walther are these first rate 16in stainless Match Grade LiFe HD® barrels with mid-lengh gas systems. We had them drill & rifle the bore, and contour and thread the barrel prior to the LiFe HD®  treatment. However, the barrel extensions were left off of the barrels during the process. This is because the threads need to be cleaned after treatment, and also due to the fact there are different expansion/contraction rates between the barrel and the extension. After treatment, the extensions were torqued and the gas ports drilled. This is the correct way to do any heat treatment. All procedures were done by Lothar-Walther and we receive them as a completely finished product. Read about the LiFe HD® process here.

Lothar-Walther has been a leader in the production of match grade gun barrels for over 80 years. These barrels we offer here are made from their proprietary stainless steel – LW50. This stainless steel was developed in 1994-95 as a safe alternative to 416R and to solve durability problems associated with 416R. No other company can offer this material in their barrels.

These barrels offer the best in every aspect of performance. The stainless steel allows for seamless machining with a nearly perfect bore and chamber, the polygonal rifling offers less bullet deformation and increased velocity, and the Melonite process greatly increases barrel life, durability and corrosion protection. We feel these features together offer the best balance of accuracy and longevity in any AR barrel on the market today, as well as better options compared to any “match grade” barrel without the extremely high cost.

  • 16in Match Grade Barrel
  • .223 Wylde (can shoot .223 or 5.56)
  • Standard Weight Contour is 35oz
  • Medium Weight is 29oz
  • Mid-length Gas System
  • LW-50 Stainless Steel
  • Polygonal Rifling
  • Extended/M4 Feed Ramps
  • Nickel Boron Coated Extension
  • LiFe HD® Treatment
  • .750 Gas Block
  • 1/2×28 TPI
  • Markings on Barrel Are S-8-P (Stainless, 8 Twist, Polygon) and the ‘LW’ Symbol


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Standard Weight, Medium Weight

6 reviews for Lothar-Walther 16in .223 Wylde Match Grade Barrel – LiFe HD®, NiB Extension

  1. Bob Bridger

    The Lothar-Walther 16in .223 wylde match barrel along with match ammo and the correct ar build allowed me to achieve .5 moa groups. Thanks Integrity Arms!

  2. Taylor McKeever

    Very impressed with the quality and accuracy. Paired with a geissele ssa-e I can achieve .5 moa without much effort, if integrity wasn’t sold out I’d buy another!

  3. Barry Gilbert (verified owner)

    Love this barrel. Mated it to Bushmaster XM15-E2S upper and lower with a YHM free float hand guard. My best three shot group using Fiocchi 62 grain off the shelf ammo was .289 inches. Love it!

  4. C Syverson (verified owner)

    Holy Cow. Shoots 55’s, 69’s, and 77’s all MOA and better. Not counting me jerking flyers, groups were 1/2 moa no matter which weight factory ammo I shot. Thanks for providing the good stuff you guys at Integrity.

  5. Peter Hamby (verified owner)

    Ordered this barrel in August 2015 with the matching head spaced 9310 bolt, the pinned Black River gas block, and the Toolcraft M-16 EXO treated bolt carrier. Combined it with the Blue Spingco buffer spring and Spike T-2 Buffer. I’ve passed it around our Gun Club for a few months now ( ex-military and 3-gun competitors ) and most concur this is the smoothest running, softest recoiling, most accurate 16″ barrel AR they have shot to date. High praise indeed !

  6. Peter (verified owner)

    Longer term update: after a season of HEAVY range practice and regional/club 3-gun use, this barrel was indeed a great choice. 55gr Hornady FMJ-BT, 69gr SMK, and 77gr SMK all group well at the 200 yard line. The 8 twist and the polygonal rifling is a great general purpose choice for these varying loads. As a side note, the nitrided surface and the polygonal rifling is super easy to clean – all I use is a cotton patch, and no need to scour with a brush or jag. Sweet. I cannot see how spending $100 more on a Shilen or Krieger would have gotten me better results to be quite honest. To me, from a real world results standpoint the next step up would have been an 18″ Mk12 SPR barrel from Compass Lake Engineering – which is not where I wanted to go with this build.

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