Romanian AK74 WASR-2

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Must ship to a current FFL, or select “in store pickup” on the checkout page to get it at our Jefferson, GA location and save a transfer fee and shipping ($20 flat rate for this item – charged upon shipment).

The WASR-2 is an AK that is chambered for the lighter and faster 5.45x39mm AK-74 round. This caliber was the Soviet answer to the Western .223 round. AK’s that utilize this caliber are called AK-74’s. The big advantage of the WASR-2 / AK-74 is the cheap ammo you can feed it. Recoil is also lower than the WASR-10.

This rifle was manufactured in the famous CUGIR arsenal in Romania. These are not imported anymore, so they’re harder to come by. Ships with one 30rd magazine where allowed. Finish is about what you’d expect in an AK. Folding wire stock and scope mount make this one more desirable.


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